Pamela T Hardiman

Name:      Pamela T Hardiman



Media:      Fiber art, hand painted silk, pieced fabrics from around the world, banners, paraments, vestments, wall hangings

About the Artist:

Pamela T Hardiman combines the practices of painting on silk and piecing fabrics with love for liturgy and celebrations of all kinds. Recognizing a natural affinity between celebratory art and liturgy, she believes that attentiveness to worship environments can help us live and pray more deeply.

Since 2004, Pam has worked full time with church communities, schools, hospitals, and retreat centers across the country and around the world. Her work is also in private collections enhancing homes. She divides her time between Farmington, CT and Ludlow, VT, where she has a gorgeous studio overlooking a lake.  Visitors welcome!

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